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Book supernatural dating service

In many of the stories related in the Mahabharata, apsaras appear in important supporting roles.The epic contains several lists of the principal Apsaras, which lists are not always identical.As she approached Viswamitra, the wind god Vayu tore away her garments.Seeing her thus disrobed, the sage abandoned himself to lust.

Menaka trembled at the thought of angering such a powerful ascetic, but she obeyed the god's order. For the defunct cemetery located in Singapore, see Bidadari Cemetery.For the present-day housing estate located on the same site, see Bidadari, Singapore. An apsara, also spelled as apsaras by the Oxford Dictionary (respective plurals apsaras and apsarases), is a female spirit of the clouds and waters in Hindu and Buddhist culture.Apsaras represent an important motif in the stone bas-reliefs of the Angkorian temples in Cambodia (8th–13th centuries AD), however all female images are not considered to be apsaras.In harmony with the Indian association of dance with apsaras, Khmer female figures that are dancing or are poised to dance are considered apsaras; female figures, depicted individually or in groups, who are standing still and facing forward in the manner of temple guardians or custodians are called devatas.

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English translations of the word "apsara" include "nymph", "celestial nymph", and "celestial maiden".

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