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Just look at when professional athletes and celebrities host house parties.It looks like a rap video with scores of beautiful women as far as the eyes can see.So here are the 10 Celebrities With The Hottest Trophy Wives. Coco With Some Ice-T Nicole “Coco” Marrow was a young aspiring dancer/actress when she met actor/rapper Ice-T.

Some people will be most horrified to know that it has been 27 years since the first film version of Stephen King's novel.

David Leitch, who brought you John Wick, directs Kurt Johnstad's screenplay from a graphic novel, and the end result is visually, and musically, stunning although it does end up being a bit style over substance.

But as she proved in Mad Max: Fury Road, Theron is born for action roles.

That fact is actually scarier than this new version which, while short on... That's the dilemma presented by American Made, a bright, breezy and undeniably entertaining thriller set in the mid-1980s, when Reagan's America was in its...

Charlize Theron was 42 last week and although she doesn't resemble the average fortysomething, it is really gratifying to see her cast as an action heroine.

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He originally planned to star as well as direct, but film...

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