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The outline timetable for the February General Synod of the Church of England has been published today, and is copied below.[The published timetable does not explain the asterisks against certain items, but these clearly indicate timed business, eg Questions on the Thursday will start not later than 4.00 pm.] Amending Canon No. 37 (Enactment) Draft Ecumenical Relations Measure (Revision) Draft Amending Canon No.This sheds some light on the concerns leading to the is the Bishop of London, with meetings on 27 Sept, 7 Nov and 28/.

“She goes because she does not want to be drawn into compromise with those who seek to revise the plain teaching of Scripture. “The doctrine of the Church of England – and its liturgy – are based squarely on the authority of the Bible and I support every effort to sustain, promote and defend this.That is the pattern of our enrichment as individual Christians and as the Church.It is also the way in which society is called to recognise and change its institutional failings.There are many like myself, who long for clear and courageous biblical leadership from the bishops of the Church of England and we will pray to this end.Some will choose to remain as part of the Synod and they have my full support, but others will not.

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