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Natural gas production began a couple of decades later, in the 1880-90s.

The 20th century saw a large diversification of fossil energy consumption, with coal declining from 96 percent of total production in 1900 to less than 30 percent in 2000.

Overall, we see that global consumption of fossil energy has increased more than 1300-fold.

As shown, coal was the first and only fossil source until the 1860s when crude oil consumption began.

Whatever cataclysm wiped out the dinosaurs (and many other species then on the earth), its mark on Central Asia seems to have been erased.” (Novacek, Michael J., Mark Norell, Malcolm C.

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Twenty-five theropod dinosaurs have been discovered along with 200 skulls of mammals.

There is no evidence of the several million year evolutionary gap or of the iridium boundary that is thought to delineate when the dinosaurs became extinct.

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In Alberta, Canada there is a huge graveyard that stretches for hundreds of miles and holds innumerable dinosaurs bones.

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