Jung woo sung dating

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Jung woo sung dating

You're one of the few actors I truly admire because of superb acting and excellent performance. once we see the epicness then we can digest nothing less than that. i will start loving korean drama again if ji sung oppa's next drama then i will feel left out.waiting for our next drama. Funny, but my adjectives never runs out for this drama. Ji Sung the best U are the best actor ...seriously..i loved all of your dramas especially secret-master piece and kill me heal me- double well you potrayed urself in all different dramas with different roles. his "save the last dance for me" drama, i've watched it 4x in my portable computer (laptop)..... - I will continue to watch and cheer him on on the sideline. I started to love him after watching Secret Love, although I did not like him at first... So yeah I am not grudging you and I pray both of you have great lives and cute Korean kids too...Now I know that such a good actor exists in Korean dramas. absolute genius differentiating between the different personalities in Kill Me, Heal Me, and he doesn't disappoint in his other roles either. To xxvweng: it's not park bo young but LEE bo young.. Ji sung annyeong :* I am fan from Indonesia,, I feel in love with your acting,personality,smile, all about you perfect I hope you succes win the best actor for drama kill me heal me Shin se gi and ahn yoo na my favorite Love you ji sung :* Ji sung-sshi annyeong!!!! i saw ur first drama kill me heal me and i completely fell for your charm and your perfect personal favourites were perry ahjusshi and yo na!!!! i saw ur first drama kill me heal me and i completely fell for your charm!!! It's just sad that I've already watched til the end. U are the best ji sung..the best for ur future U are the best actor ...seriously..i loved all of your dramas especially secret-master piece and kill me heal me- double well you potrayed urself in all different dramas with different roles. I know you starting from protect the boss, i fell for you starting from secret love, how sweet both of u, and i love to support you when u are going to marry bo young unnie, i know how much love her, hehe perfect couple. and both of you did a great job, i fell for shin se gi. - Who can say that, they don't like those "deer caught in a headlight eyes and that incredibl smile? Now I am going to watch Protect the Boss because of Ji Sung oppa. I will always waiting for the next project, and always enjoy for whatever you make. the best actor in secret heart was pounding watching are the best and a very good looking touched my heart with your acting in secret .i hope to see you again in more drama very very very for healthy and a good life with lee bo young fighting.always love love love love you. Stay healthy for us who want to see you in many dramas and movies(the only korean movie i liked it was with you:"My PS Partner"). Cheers Bro sayy hi to the cry inducing Lass Boyoung... if u wanna know how talented he is, just compare his acting in swallow the sun & protect the boss or any other rolls, u cant believe he is the same person! The plot, actors and the script is totally amazing . Kill Me, Heal Me and Secret are by far my favorite dramas of his. Those two have serious chemistry when it comes to acting. ji Sung oppa, you are very talented actor, but also you have creative mind, we was watching Imbc behind the sene ..

a perfect gentleman in every role and character that you've got. indeed a versatile one, hope to hear a new project from you.

You really touched my heart and even fascinated at your craft. I have fallen in love with your acting in Proctect the boss.

I've finished 4 of your drama series, Save the last dance for me, New heart, Protect the boss, and royal family. I'm a big fan of korean drama and I can say you are among the best and superb!! Look forward for your next drama and wish you more success in future.

But it's strange I watched it till the very end :))q actually wating for last 4 episodes.

I've interested in the actors and found out Ji Sung remindes me Seun Son Heun who was my favorite then. Bea Hi babe Ji Seong:) Actually, just kidding so please, I better not see any hate notes for me.

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I have just watched "Kill Me, Heal Me" followed by "Secret" or just add Love to the title, and I found this Ji Sung so macho with an intense gaze that could melt your heart. It's rare finding actor which doesn't really make a good impression in the first sight but then you're really falling in live with him coz his acting is amazing, he's already nearly 40 yet like a wine, getting older but also getting sexier.. Chukhahae on kwak bo bae I hope you win the best actor and actress award for ur 6 personailities and yo na,she was a force to reckon with!!!! it was due to your perfect acting that this drama was a wonderful journey,by far the best one i have seen so up the wonderful work!! i confess i hadnt watched any of ur dramas previously but when i saw you in kill me heal me,i completely fell for were the best!! U are the best ji sung..the best for ur future Dearest Ji Sung, i knew you were a serious actor that took challanging roles that showed your acting chops. I hope when i come to korea, i can greet n meet you^^ Keep Strong! And when i hear oppa n hwang jung eum unnie will cast together in a new drama, i'm so excited! I was surprised to know that he is a little bit older than me, he looks so young! I have been watching your performance on Secret Love and think you are amazing. Good luck in your marriage and have handsome and talented children like you and your wife! Simply say Ji Sung has all it takes : talent, looks and character... He is Great in Secret Love, I enjoy watching this drama alot. Daniel Master ji sung,you re such a wonderfull Korean actor that i ve ever seen.watching the swallow the sun really touched my heart in fact from today i ve change my past carter and join yours,how are i wish i will see you face to face so that you can be my mentor,your emotion,mode of conduct and the way you talks makes me rate more likeness in it on sir. His drama New Heart is one of my all-time favorite drama. And I've read a lot of articles about him that his a nice guy and good boyfriend.it up ji sung!!!!!!!!! he really matches 2 his character, no matter how difficult it would be. i really don't know what has gotten into you, upon watching your drama series, i think i am in love with you.

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