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Mhc dating

Furthermore, one third of its plant life, over 700 species, are unique to the island, including Dracaena cinnabari, the dragon's blood tree.

Other than invoking a divine transportation miracle, how did the animals travel to these islands, and what did they eat along the way, when they have highly specialised diets and climate requirements? This is compounded by the limited number of species that could be carried on the ark, as discussed later.

For continents to drift apart and form oceans takes hundreds of millions of years.

To say that all of this goes back only 10,000 years is simply absurd in the eyes of geologists." Awake 1983 Mar 8 p.14 Remember that Watchtower quote, as it undermines several arguments from the Watchtower for proving a flood, and will be discussed later.

It is not only Australian marsupials, but pockets of animal life around the globe that keep raising this issue.Although the arguments presented for a flood are from Watchtower publications, little of this originates with Watchtower writers, but borrows heavily from fundamental Christian sources.Following are key areas to consider when deciding if a global flood is possible, presented in layman's terms.Along the way, the Koala did not leave behind any relatives, and remarkably were able to travel across several hundred kilometres of water between Indonesia and the top of Australia.Koalas were not alone, as hundreds of species would also be required to make this amazing sea voyage.

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The Watchtower takes literally the Genesis account of a global flood that covered the top of earth's highest mountains.

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