Rachael ray updating your underwear

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Rachael ray updating your underwear

Everything had to be tightly restrained within the elastic, mesh, and straps of a foundation garment. Well, despite our current beauty ideal for a soft, rounded, featureless cup shape (hello there, molded t-shirt bras), it’s important to remember that it’s just today’s beauty ideal.

Women who “broke the rules” were subject to unsympathetic criticism about both the shape of their bodies and the looseness of their morals. There’s no health study and certainly no moral judgment that should give it added weight.

It is her own decision for her own reasons, and no one else should get to judge. Neither option is any more offensive or troublesome or immoral than wearing or not wearing a sweater. Words like, “flattering,” “correct,” and “proper,” are often thrown around without any consideration or commentary on the implied meaning behind those words. One should never insist that bras are a requirement for every woman.

Here’s a random fact: Did you know there is actually no common medical reason to wear a bra? Quite simply, there is no agreed upon health benefit to wearing bras that applies to every single woman.Originally seen as a more comfortable and flexible substitute for the corset, the girdle also replaced the corset’s function as a moral boundary as well.Despite the comparative freedom a girdle offered, a “proper” woman still didn’t let her flesh jiggle or shake unencumbered. Contrary to popular belief, bras don’t improve breast health, prevent breast sagging, or anything else.a lingerie blogger so I should be Team Bra 24/7, right?

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While I understand some people may prefer their breast shape with a bra or are more comfortable wearing a bra (for a variety of reasons — heavy breasts, nipple sensitivity, back pain, etc.), that’s a completely different thing from the notion of compulsory bra wearing… ) is the general consensus from the society at large, including many facets of the lingerie community.

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