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Radiocarbon dating sediments

Cambridge DOI Gunn J, Rushworth G, Hunt CO, Lauritzen S-E. Dordrecht 978-90-481-9412-4 Link Schembri PJ, Hunt CO, Pedley M, Stoddart S. The environment of Malta and Gozo and of the Xaghra Circle Malone C, Stoddart S, Bonnanno A, Trump D. Mortuary customs in Prehistoric Malta 1 :19-39 Mc Donald Institute for Archaeological Research. Gravels of the 30 m terrace of the Avon at Ham Green Hunt CO, Haslett SK. Rainforest Foraging and Farming in Island Southeast Asia The Archaeology of the Niah Caves, Sarawak 1 :173-216 Mc Donald Inst of Archeological Research. Cambridge 9781902937540 Link Rabett RJ, Barker G, Barton H, Hunt C, Lloyd-Smith L, Paz V, Piper PJ, Premathilake R, Rushworth G, Stephens M, Szabo K. Rainforest Foraging and Farming in Island Southeast Asia The Archaeology of the Niah Caves, Sarawak 1 :341-366 Mc Donald Inst of Archeological. Beyond the Fertile Crescent: Late Palaeolithic and Neolithic Communities of the Jordanian Steppe. Missing links, cultural modernity and the dead: Anatomically modern humans in the great cave of niah (Sarawak, Borneo) Porr M, Dennell R. Human palaeoecology in the ancient metal-smelting and farming complex in the Wadi Faynan, SW Jordan, at the desert margin in the Middle East Martini IP, Chesworth W.

Oxford 9781842172865 Newson P, Mattingley D, Daly P, Tomber R, el-Rishi H, Gilbertson D, Grattan J, Hunt CO, Mc Laren S, Pyatt B. The Islamic and Ottoman periods Barker G, Gilbertson D, Mattingley D. Moreover, the maximum EISC and its isostatic footprint had a profound impact on the proglacial hydrological network, forming the and drained the present day Vistula, Elbe, Rhine and Thames rivers through the Seine Estuary. 14.6 ka BP, two major proglacial lakes formed in the Baltic and White seas, buffering meltwater pulses from eastern Fennoscandia through to the Younger Dryas when these massive proglacial freshwater lakes flooded into the North Atlantic Ocean.Deglaciation temporarily abated during the Younger Dryas stadial at 12.9 ka BP, when remnant ice across Svalbard, Franz Josef Land, Novaya Zemlya, Fennoscandia and Scotland experienced a short-lived but dynamic re-advance.The Eurasian ice sheet complex (EISC) was the third largest ice mass during the Last Glacial Maximum with a span of over 4500 km and responsible for around 20 m of eustatic sea-level lowering.Whilst recent terrestrial and marine empirical insights have improved understanding of the chronology, pattern and rates of retreat of this vast ice sheet, a concerted attempt to model the deglaciation of the EISC honouring these new constraints is conspicuously lacking.

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French Italian 1986, University College of Wales, Aberystwyth (University of Wales), Wales, Ph D1980, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom, MSc1978, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom, BA Inglis RH, French C, Farr L, Hunt CO, Jones SC, Reynolds T, Barker G. Sediment micromorphology and site formation processes during the Middle to Later Stone Ages at the Haua Fteah Cave, Cyrenaica, Libya Geoarchaeology, DOI Pomeroy E, Mirazón Lahr M, Crivellaro F, Farr L, Reynolds T, Hunt CO, Barker G. Newly discovered Neanderthal remains from Shanidar Cave, Iraqi Kurdistan, and their attribution to Shanidar 5 Journal of Human Evolution, 111 :102-118 Link Hunt CO, Hill EA, Reynolds T, Abdulmutalb D, Farr L, Lane R, Szabó K, Barker G. An incised shell object from Baradostian (Early Upper Palaeolithic) layers in Shanidar Cave, Iraqi Kurdistan Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 14 :318-322 DOI Jacobs Z, Li B, Farr L, Hill E, Hunt C, Jones S, Rabett R, Reynolds T, Roberts RG, Simpson D, Barker G. The chronostratigraphy of the Haua Fteah cave (Cyrenaica, northeast Libya) - Optical dating of early human occupation during Marine Isotope Stages 4, 5 and 6 JOURNAL OF HUMAN EVOLUTION, 105 :69-88 Link Rabett R, Ludgate N, Stimpson C, Hill E, Hunt C, Ceron J, Farr L, Morley M, Reynolds T, Zukswert H, Simpson D, Nyiri B, Verhoeven M, Appleby J, Meneely J, Phan L, Dong N-N, Lloyd-Smith L, Hawkes J, Blyth A, Nguyen CT. Tropical limestone forest resilience and late Pleistocene foraging during MIS-2 in the Trang An massif, Vietnam QUATERNARY INTERNATIONAL, 448 :62-81 Link Prendergast AL, Stevens RE, Hill EA, Hunt C, O'Connell TC, Barker GW. Carbon isotope signatures from land snail shells: Implications for palaeovegetation reconstruction in the eastern Mediterranean QUATERNARY INTERNATIONAL, 432 :48-57 Link Hunt CO, Fiacconi M. Pollen taphonomy of cave sediments: What does the pollen record in caves tell us about external environments and how do we assess its reliability? Repeated copper contamination of fluvial sediments associated with Late Neolithic human activity in southern Jordan SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT, 573 :247-257 Link Prendergast AL, Stevens RE, O'Connell TC, Hill EA, Hunt CO, Barker GW. A late Pleistocene refugium in Mediterranean North Africa? The Stratigraphy of Kirkhead Cave, an Upper Palaeolithic Site in Northern England Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society, 51 :283-304 DOI Coles GM, Gilbertson DD, Hunt CO. Soil erosion and soil genesis in the Tuscan landscape. Morphological sequences of carbonate induration in slope deposits. Relazione preliminare 1983, :289-295 Hunt CO, Andrews MV, Gilbertson DD. Late Quaternary freshwater dinoflagellate cysts from the British Isles Journal of Micropalaeontology, 4 :101-109 DOI Dorsett JE, Gilbertson DD, Hunt CO, Barker GWW. The Unesco Libyan Valleys Survey VIII: image analysis of Landsat satellite data for archaeological and environmental surveys. Territory, time and state: the archaeological development of the Gubbio Basin :34-58 Cambridge University Press.

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