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I am totally empathetic with the difficult circumstances all the first responders and law enforcement teams face over the next 36-48 hours and sincerely appreciate any attention which might be given the synagogue building.lam most interested, though, in awareness of the times during which congregants are entering, worshipping, and exiting tonight and tomorrow.Meanwhile, the window for Chief Thomas to plan for both locations was closing. Yet despite repeated inquiries and assurances to Mayor Signer and synagogue leadership, the Congregation did not receive the level of protection they required. The rhetoric on the online sites right now is quite intensely anti—Semitic.On Wednesday, August 9 at p.m., Mayor Signer wrote you, Chief Thomas, Deputy Chief Pleasants, and Assistant City Manager Mike Murphy the following email: Maurice, Al, Gary, Mike: This is a special request regarding Congregation Beth Israel. Their current plans are to have a single outside security guard on Friday night and during the day on Saturday. This post on Daily Stormer about the rally ends reads, “Next stop: Charlottesville, VA.

Chief Thomas repeatedly said during the closed session that the delay in the relocation decision was crucial to his hesitation about it.(We would note that this memorandum was prepared by Mike Signer with input and edits from Wes Bellamy, Kristin Szakos, and Kathy Galvin.Mayor Signer called Bob Fenwick in the afternoon of 8/23 about this memorandum, leaving a message, but never heard back from Mr.The next morning, you told Mayor Signer that the decision was being delayed because assent was needed from the school system for the parking lot at Charlottesville High School to be used.The decision was not communicated to Council until Friday, almost 36 hours after the Council decision. Charlottesville has a thriving Jewish population and one of the oldest synagogues in the South. They are obviously right next to Emancipation Park.

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Because of this guidance from Chief Thomas, and based upon Governor Mc Auliffe’s warning of serious security concerns on August 2, Council’s will was that the rally needed to be moved away from the downtown area because of the mayhem that was being promised.

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