Sex dating in afton iowa

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Sex dating in afton iowa

It's not, of course."This was actually a very nice place to work, especially when you didn't have 70,000 vehicles a day passing overhead," Tobey said.

"You'd have a great view of the eagles in winter."I could almost picture it — the toll takers coming down after their shift and checking in with the security guard, whose table sat at the entrance to the upstream office. In a black-and-white photo I found in our archives from the 1960 opening of the second span, only one of the 58 people I counted was not wearing a hat.

And the traffic noise above us was so muted, it had no effect on our conversations.

The concrete walls are several feet thick, and windows are everywhere.

During his 35 years as an inspector, Bailey walked every inch of both spans.The Iowa-bound span of I-74 was built first, opening as a local tollway in 1935.The second span, on the downstream side, was dedicated in 1960.Besides inspecting it, he took care of it — from painting piers and oiling joints to shoveling by hand the sand/salt mix that collected against the bridge curbs in the winter."I tried so many angles to get that thing opened up," Bailey said of the walk-in vault that once held the toll-takers' deposits."I even went to a locksmith for advice."I always said that might be where Jimmy Hoffa ended up."When he noted the ceiling beam in one office extended into the vault, he even tried to make the argument the vault should be opened, so he could inspect that beam. It likely will be up to the demolition company that is hired to demolish the bridge in a few years to decide what to do with the vault.

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