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Sex dating in galston ayrshire

130 Families in the Parish of West Kilbride Southanan Barony, . K called to say, on the negligent pairteis pcrril, quhilk of the two soever it 1673 ; that of deaths, in one volume, in 1763 ; and that of marriages, also in one volume, in 1823.

Springside, Boydston, , PARISH OF KILMARNOCK Etymology, Extent, &c. 229 Montgomeries of Eglintoun, Montgomerie of Smistoun, 244 Macgowan of Smithston. 245 Montgomerie of Sevenaikers, 246 Miller of Monkcastle, . 247 Cuninghame of Ashinyards, now Bow- man of Asbgrove, 248 Mountgreenan, . 250 Cuninghame of Mountgreenan, ,, Glasgow of Mountgreenan, . hi the schoole, till in our presence he have hearkened throuch all the children learning Scots; that according to the tyme spent thairin quhilk they shall missour with a glaase, they may direct the Mr.No work of the kind ought ever to be undertaken, save by men of "lettered ease and independence," who can afford to give their hobby full rein, a life-time being scarcely suffi- cient to do justice to such an extensive field of enquiry as we have gone over. One of the sides of the angle bears the date 1644 ; but, judg- ing from appearances, it seems to have been a later erection than the other.Sensible we arc of the numerous defects of the work- its sins of omis- sion and commission, we might have been more full here, more accu- rate there ; still, when the difficulty of obtaining information especially anything like correct information in reference to family history and the descent of property, is considered, some indulgence will be vouch- safed to us. ,, Families in the Pariah, of Fenwick Mures of Polkelly, ' 67 Gardrum, . As the land passed from the Wallaces to the Cochranes in I(i40, the inference is that this portion of the building was the addition of the latter possessors.The Illus- trative Notes and Sketches are highly interesting, and serve to throw considerable light on the ballad lore of th West." II. In 4to, with a Fine Frontispiece, Boards, price Six Shillings. *.* Alik e interesting to the Antiquary and useful to the Genealogist." ONLY Two HUNDEED AND Fim COPIES PBIXTKD. No doubt, the attention re- quired in managing the business of a printing-office, however small, has been a material drawback ; still, when the magnitude of the undertaking is considered, the time consumed in bringing it to a close may not appear so extraordinary after all. It is not known at what time the castle was built, or when it became ruinous ; but Chal- mers, in his Culi'ilunia, supposes that it was erect- ed by Walter, son of Allan the first Lord High Stewanl of Scotland who had a grant of the land from David I., or Malcolm IV.HISTORY COUNTY OF AYR: GENEALOGICAL ACCOUNT OF THE FAMILIES OF AYRSHIRE. EDINBURGH : THOMAS GEORGE STEVENSON, Antiquarian an U Historical Booftseller, 87 PRINCES STREET. To us it has been, in one sense, a labour of pleasure, but, in another, of much anxiety ; and, we may add, of considerable pecuniary loss. 68 Campbell of Barquharrie and Mayfield, 71 Fairlie of Holmes, . This family pos- sessed an extensive portion of Ayrshire part of Kyle being still known as Kyle-Stewart; and on succeeding to the throne in the person of Robert II., in 1370, the castle, of course, became an ap- pendage to the crown.

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THE BALLADS AND SONGS OF AYRSHIRE, Illustrated with Sketches, Historical, Traditional, Narrative, and Biographical, Notes, &c., by JAMES PATERSON, and with Remarks by Captain CHARLES GRAY. Few things are more delightful than a gossip about Old Songs, and the Editor who brings a work of this description under our notice, deserves our special thanks. This arose out of events which cannot well be explained. 99 Families in the Parish of Irvine Stane, or Stonanrig, . True to history and tradition, the ruins bear ample proof of the royalty ascribed to the building the Stewart anus, with the lion of Scotland, ap- pearing on various portions of it.

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