Udating video drivers with linux os

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Udating video drivers with linux os

Intel® license and support terms are different from Ubuntu* and Fedora*.By downloading and using the update tool, you implicitly accept the tool's license and support terms documented here.Just look for the Intel® logo, or begin typing 'Intel'.If you are a power user, you can open a terminal and execute: WARNING: Attempting to "force" package upgrades may break your OS installation, requiring a re-install or other time-intensive remedies (requiring a high level of expertise). The latest version of mplayer-vaapi has a known issue when playing back VA-API video streams.

Specifically, it benefits those Linux* users of both Ubuntu* and Fedora* distributions who want to update their graphics subsystems for Intel® platforms.Pick the correct download package for your Linux* distribution, version, and architecture (32- or 64-bit). Click the appropriate link to begin package installation.Once installed, you can find the Intel® Graphics Update Tool for Linux* OS in your application dashboard.Deprecated releases of the Graphics Update Tool may not work as expected.We cannot support installation or use of a deprecated release, but we can provide support for uninstallation of a deprecated release.

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If you wish to use the Graphics Installer for Linux, please upgrade to the currently supported version of Ubuntu prior to running the Graphics Installer for Linux.