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The son of two school teachers, he started shooting skate videos with his friends as a hobby.

But it wasn’t until he began helping an old roommate make You Tube videos that he decided he wanted to pursue a career as a videographer.

Something might seem like a long process but that extra day, that extra week, that extra month you put in…

That was special because Travis said he was basically failing one of his classes but his teacher really loved him and believed in him. Being able to see people’s growth and hear stories like that is pretty special.

She basically passed him because she knew he was a special kid. What was the energy like at The Criterion in Oklahoma City when Travis performed “Goosebumps” 14 times? They broke the stage barrier hours before Travis even got there. Kids were raging in the streets, there were cops everywhere before the show even started.

10 years from now, you’ll be happy you went the extra mile. These people were just walking their horses down the street and Quavo—I don't think he'd ever been on a horse before—was like, "Can I ride it? ” I just started filming he knew I had filmed him and Kanye together a bunch of times, so they asked me what clips I had.

You posted an amazing video on your Instagram of Quavo riding a horse. " [laughs] And they're like, "Yeah, I guess.” He got on it and he was a natural. So I sent them a little reel of different shots that I had.

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He’s an amazing director; he’s someone who doesn’t have a huge following on Instagram but, to me, he’s one of the most talented people I've ever worked with.