Updating to tiger emirates dating ladyes

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Updating to tiger

For those running who decided for some reason not to compile with raster support, or just are old-fashioned, here are longer more painful instructions for you: All the files once installed will be installed in share/contrib/postgis-2.3 folder of your Postgre SQL installcreatedb yourdatabase createlang plpgsql yourdatabase psql -d yourdatabase -f psql -d yourdatabase -f postgis_psql -d yourdatabase -f spatial_ref_psql -d yourdatabase -f psql -d yourdatabase -f topology_-- only if you compiled with raster (GDAL) psql -d yourdatabase -f psql -d yourdatabase -f raster_--if you built with sfcgal support -- psql -d yourdatabase -f psql -d yourdatabase -f sfcgal_The rest of this chapter goes into detail each of the above installation steps. As of Post GIS 2.1.3, out-of-db rasters and all raster drivers are disabled by default. If you experience weird problems (backend unexpectedly closed or similar things) try this trick. This will require recompiling your Postgre SQL from scratch, of course.

If you want to install the extensions manually on a separate server different from your development, You need to copy the following files from the extensions folder into the SELECT name, default_version,installed_version FROM pg_available_extensions WHERE name LIKE 'postgis%' or name LIKE 'address%'; name | default_version | installed_version ------------------------------ ----------------- ------------------- address_standardizer | 2.4.3dev | 2.4.3dev address_standardizer_data_us | 2.4.3dev | 2.4.3dev postgis | 2.4.3dev | 2.4.3dev postgis_sfcgal | 2.4.3dev | postgis_tiger_geocoder | 2.4.3dev | 2.4.3dev postgis_topology | 2.4.3dev | (6 rows) section of the database browser tree and will even allow upgrade or uninstall by right-clicking. The raster support is currently optional, but installed by default. For enabling using the Postgre SQL 9.1 extensions model raster is required. With no additional parameters, this command will attempt to automatically locate the required components and libraries needed to build the Post GIS source code on your system. Although this is the most common usage of , the script accepts several parameters for those who have the required libraries and programs in non-standard locations.

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In many cases compilation is only necessary if you want the most bleeding edge versions or you are a package maintainer.

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